The Gloworms

The Gloworms play thumpy English music with metropolitan sophistication, swing and 100% commitment to dance rhythm. Laurel Swift, Jon Brenner and Colin Cotter create a layered texture of driving rhythms and counter-melodies on fiddle, accordion, banjo and stompbox. The result is a fresh, vibrant sound - cool, subtle music with irresistible dance groove. They were featured on Imagined Village’s first album and their album Running Joak was a Mojo top 10 folk album! The Gloworms are a trio: Laurel Swift (fiddle), Jon Brenner (accordion) and Colin Cotter (banjo, stompbox). Pilfering great tunes from the huge wealth of English dance material, this London based trio also write over 50% of their tunes, many of which have already crept into the session repertoire and been recorded by artists including Sam Sweeney and Mawkin.

The Gloworms performed on: